Would you feel comfortable leaving your children with just anyone? Probably not. Finding a caregiver for your animal companions is not an easy process. Therefore, Petopia has provided the top 10 reasons as to why you should chose us as the caregiver for your four-legged babies:

  1. Peace of Mind
    Our clients are always expressing the peace of mind they feel because they know we are taking care of their home and precious pets while they are gone. We realize our services have become an important part of their pet’s lives as well as a necessity to the owner. Our goal is to keep that trust.
  2. Experienced and constant educational development
    Experience and knowledge in dog training and animal care allows us to better understand your pet’s needs and how to best interact with them. By attending various seminar and workshops on an ongoing basis, we build on the wealth of knowledge that we share with our clients as well as their four-legged babies.

  3. Safety
    We are committed to providing your four-legged babies a safe and enjoyable experience. At Petopia, all our staff are trained in Pet First Aid so you can be assured that your animal companion is in safe hands when under our care. Furthermore, we have emergency protocols in place so that in the event that the unfortunate does happen, we will know exactly how to handle the situation.
  4. Convenience and availability
    Petopia is available to you 365 days a year and we can tailor our services to fit your schedule. We try to be flexible because we know that you cannot place restrictions or limits on when your animal companions need our care. So be confident that we will do our best to accommodate your needs and those of your pet’s.
  5. Reasonable and competitive rates
    Petopia knows that owning and taking care of your pets is a big investment. That is why we want to make our services affordable and competitive. We also know that the quality of the service is equally important, so we provide many value-added services that are free of charge to you.

  6. Customized Services
    No matter what service we provide, from doggie daycare to grooming, they will be tailored to your specific needs. No two homes and no two pets are exactly alike. That is why we have an extensive initial consultation to determine how we can best cater to your needs, as well as those of your pets.
  7. Professionalism
    We are a professional pet care company. We are licensed, bonded and insured. Our membership in various associations, such as the American Boarding Kennel Association and the Professional Dog Walkers Association, ensures our services meet a set standard of quality and binds us to a strict code of ethics.
  8. Constant Communication
    Petopia will provide you with as much communication as you want, and in the format of your choice (email, calls, or daily reports). We know how much you care about your furry children and it puts a smile on your face to know how much they enjoyed their day.

  9. Extra Attention
    Do your pets need extra attention? We have the time and resources to give them all the TLC and attention they need – whether it be administering medication or giving that extra rub on their belly.
  10. Genuine Love for Animals
    Our priority is to give your pets as much love as you would. Petopia was started with that core value, along with our love of animals and our goal of enhancing the well-being of your furry friends.