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Before enrolling in Petopia’s doggie daycare or overnight stay programs, all dogs must undergo an initial consultation and evaluation process, known as a trial daycare (for doggies over a year old) or trial overnight. This is mandatory for all canine guests that visits Petopia as it helps ensure that each dog receives the best possible care. By developing a profile for your four-legged friend and gathering information from a personal interview, we can better understand your dog’s unique needs and provide a safe and comfortable environment for all canine companions.

first things first


For your convenience, we’ve included the client forms that you may download and review. We require that all five (5) forms below be filled out and ready prior to your dog’s scheduled trial day. Please bring all the forms, as well as any vaccination records and/or proof of flea prevention, on the day of the trial overnight or daycare.


Dogs joining daycare or overnight stays must be non-aggressive towards other dogs and people. They should also be sociable and not possessive of food or toys.


We require that all male dogs be neutered by 9 months of age or they cannot participate in group play. We cannot accept any female dogs in heat.


Dogs must be free of external parasites and on flea prevention (no collars) from May-November. Provide proof of prevention, such as a vet invoice or product packaging, before May.


Dogs must be healthy and free of any conditions that could risk others' health. If ill with a communicable ailment in the past 30 days, provide veterinarian certification to return to Petopia.


Vaccinations, including DHPP, Rabies, and Bordetella, are required for all dogs. Puppies can enroll with first shots and Bordetella. Dogs over 6 months need up-to-date vaccinations. Bordetella protects against kennel cough and may need to be requested. Titer testing for DHPP is accepted. Our system tracks vaccinations and sends reminders


During play, dogs may tangle in collars, causing panic. Quick-release collars enable swift disengagement and redirection, especially if overstimulated. For safety, dogs need a name tag with their name and your phone number.


To set up your dog’s trial day, please contact us via email or phone at least 5-7 days in advance (further in advance for peak periods such a long weekends or Christmas holidays). For overnight stays, it is recommended to start the process at least 2-4 weeks in advance in case additional visits are needed to acclimate the dog to our environment, staff, and their doggie buddies. Trial daycare – available Monday to Friday (excluding holidays). Drop off between 7:30-9am and pick up around 4-5pm.

Trial overnights – available Monday to Thursday (excluding holidays) Drop off between 7:30-9am and pick up around the same time the next day
Pre-registration on our online portal is required at least 1 day prior to the trial. Your dog is required to come in a quick release collar. Please pre-package your pups’ meals and snacks in individual zip lock bags for each meal.


At Petopia, we take the time to get to know each pet individually in order to ensure their safety and maximize their enjoyment while under our care. This is done through an initial assessment of your pooch’s interests, personality, and socialization level, as well as learning about their social, behavioral, and medical history. This information helps to place your dog in a playgroup that is safe and fun for them! It also allows us to proactively staff so we can keep our dog-to-staff ratios low, promoting safety.

During the assessment, Petopia staff learns about the pet’s individual needs, playing style, and what other types of dogs they get along well with. Our trial days and overnights are structed as full days (and overnights) as it allows ample time for your pup to acclimate to our environment and learn that it’s a fun and safe place! Let our staff meet your baby so they can also learn about their personal preferences (as well as that one, or more, special spot that they love to be rubbed or scratched). Ultimately, this assessment will help determine the best type of service for both you and your canine friend!

Please fill out the form below, and we will be in touch shortly!

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