At Petopia, we offer a cage-free environment for your furry babies so their stay with us is stress-free and pleasurable. As with our daycare program, dogs that pass our temperament evaluation will be allowed to romp with their doggie buddies, play with all our interactive toys or just relax. 


home away from home

At Petopia, we offer a cage-free environment for your furry babies so their stay with us is stress-free and pleasurable. Because dogs are social creatures by nature, they thrive when allowed to frolic and play with each other. When boarding and being away from home, the company of other dogs will help diminish any anxiety your fur baby may have.

To secure a spot for your furry friend at our resort, book at least 1-2 weeks in advance. Our current clients can easily book through email, phone, or our client portal. If it’s your pup’s first time, they’ll need a trial overnight. And for our returning canine guests after 6 months, a quick reassessment trial will help them feel right at home again!

always supervised

Supervised 24 hours a day by certified staff who will attend to your dog’s needs, Petopia is the perfect place for your best friend to have fun and unwind.

modern facility

Unlike the traditional kennel setting, overnight stays at Petopia are like slumber parties where your fur kid can enjoy the companionship of their friends in familiar surroundings.

What sets our Overnight Stays apart

Petopia, a luxury pet care facility, offers a cozy stay for dogs of all breeds and sizes, with a slumber party-like environment. Dogs enjoy clean sleeping areas, fresh bedding, raised cots, and customizable activities like playtime, cuddles, and pool time. Our 24/7 supervised facility, with certified staff, ensures daily wellness checks and fun for your pup. Daycare and overnight programs are available for dogs passing a temperament evaluation, including options for senior or shy dogs.

With competitive prices and a focus on value, Petopia ensures your dog has a fantastic dog-cation while you’re away.


  • Specialized care from our highly trained staff
  • 6-8 hours of daily fun, socialization, and exercise
  • Flexible meal options, including special diets
  • Daily wellness checks and one-on-one attention
  • Personalized updates and live webcam access
  • 24-hour monitoring, medication administration, and accommodation for shy dogs


P.S. If your fur baby is on the shy side, or would simply prefer not to spend the day mingling with friends, no need to fret, he or she will spend the day lounging in the luxury suite or in our canine friendly staff lounge.

Planning a trip soon?

We recommend starting the registration process a few weeks in advance. Please visit our Getting Started page for more info on arranging for a trial overnight and our requirements for getting your dog registered.

Overnight stay policies

  • Drop-off: Check in between 6:30-9am weekdays or 7-10am weekends. This helps dogs acclimate and adjust.
  • Pick-up: Anytime during business hours; 6:30am-8pm weekdays, 7am-7pm weekends, holidays 9am-5pm. Late pick-up till 9pm for a fee.
  • Food: Provide your dog’s regular food (raw, homemade, or special diets). Pre-package meals for stays under 2 weeks; bring a large bag for longer stays.
  • Belongings: Bring food, treats, and medication. We’ll provide luxury beds, bedding, bowls, and toys.

all good dogs go to heaven Petopia!

boarding rates

At Petopia, we offer quality and value-added services at competitive and reasonable rates. You won’t find another pet care company like ours anywhere. We pride ourselves in providing services that truly contribute to the enrichment of your pet’s well-being, as well as the bond you share with them. 

All pricing is subject to HST. Long weekends subject to holiday rates.

All Christmas holiday boarding requires a deposit of 50% due on December 1st. Christmas holiday reservations made after December 1st (if space is available) are payable in full and are non-refundable.

1 Dog

$ 1380
Per Month (Unlimited)
  • 1 - 10 Days: $68
  • 11-21 days: $61
  • 22+ days: $55

2 Dogs

$ 2500
Per Month (Unlimited)
  • 1 - 10 Days: $123
  • 11-21 days: $110
  • 22+ days: $98

3 Dogs

$ 3650
Per Month (Unlimited)
  • 1 - 10 Days: $180
  • 11-21 days: $161
  • 22+ days: $144

4 Dogs

Contact Us
  • 1 - 10 Days: $232
  • 11-21 days: $207
  • 22+ days: $186


1 Dog

  • 1 - 10 Days: $82
  • 11-21 days: $73
  • 22+ days: $66

2 Dogs

  • 1 - 10 Days: $143
  • 11-21 days: $131
  • 22+ days: $118

3 Dogs

  • 1 - 10 Days: $216
  • 11-21 days: $193
  • 22+ days: $173

4 Dogs

  • 1 - 10 Days: $279
  • 11-21 days: $248
  • 22+ days: $223

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Unlimited Play, Unlimited Fun...

Play any day of the week, with 1 free overnight, 1 free bath & nail trim and also 15% off additional boarding stays. All for only $580 a month!


You get unlimited daycare and overnight stays any day of the week for 30 days, 1 FREE bath and nail trim, with no holiday surcharge or late pick-up fees until 9pm!

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