Our Vision & Philosophy

When you think of utopia, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Do you picture a tranquil sunset, a deserted Caribbean island, or a roaming field of spring flowers? Regardless of your particular state of utopia, there are usually several common elements:

  • it is a place of enjoyment
  • it is a place where stress does not exist
  • it is a place of serenity

Petopia was created as a place where all three elements coexist. It is a place tailored to you and your furry friends. First and foremost, Petopia offers enjoyment for your pet through play, companionship and exercise. We take away your stress, while bringing a better quality of life for your four-legged babies. Finally, we strive to ensure that every experience with Petopia will exceed your expectations and define a new level of satisfaction and serenity for your lifelong companion.

Petopia’s Wish List

  • That every dog could live a life full of happiness and companionship
  • That every human be educated about responsible pet ownership and on how to improve the life of your four-legged friends
  • That no dog be abandoned by their companion and have to feel pain, loneliness or fear
  • That every human could experience the unconditional love and friendship that only an animal can give
  • That every dog has the chance to enjoy the simple pleasures of life like a good romp in the park, a nice bone stuffed with treats, or a good ol’ belly rub
  • That no animal would ever suffer needless punishment and abuse, especially for just being who and what they are
  • That every dog and dog owner could discover the joys of positive training and the ways it helps build a better bond
  • That we could spend the rest of my life surrounded by these wonderful creatures and to be able to devote my time and love to them