Inspired by their fur babies, Chloe, Evee, Kirby, Mochi, Lucius, Kira and Tristen, Pat and her partner established Petopia to provide a service that was dedicated to the health and well-being of pets.

After years of working in the corporate world, they felt the same guilt shared by other responsible pet guardians who also left their pets alone when they had to work or travel. They discovered a growing number of pet care services but few provided the quality of care their pets were accustomed to. With the urge to pursue something more personally fulfilling, Pat and Wilson decided to apply their knowledge, experience, and passion for animals to create a complete solution for pet parents; one that offers peace of mind from knowing that their four-legged companions are blissfully content and safe. They created Petopia to offer you and your pets an experience that not only promotes your pet’s well-being, but also enriches the bond you share with them.