At Petopia, we continually strives to improve our services for you and your fur babies. Our genuine love of our extended pet family is truly reflected in the care we provide.  The following are testimonials you will find on Google or Facebook. It will give you a taste of some of the things our clients rave about Petopia:



We have been bringing our dogs to Petopia for over 10 years. Most recently, we started bringing our new little puppy Tula. Looking for a doggy day care can be a challenge, especially for a very young  puppy.  We wanted indoor and outdoor space,  plenty of room for the dogs to play , and we wanted our little Tula to get lunch and rest periods throughout the day.  This is a tall order.  Pat owns Petopia and she really cares about the dogs in her care.  All the staff who work at Petopia are lovely and we get a lot of comfort knowing that our puppy is in good hands.  We get a report on Tula’s progress and activities every day and we love the unlimited daycare plan – it’s a great value.  Tula is excited every morning to run into Pat’s arms and to go find her four legged buddies.  We are so happy with Petopia and we don’t think we could have found anything better in the city.



Our 9 year old German Shepherd, Titan, has been going to Petopia his entire life. Whether for once a week play days or overnight stays, Titan is always well looked after and most importantly, he is loved by all the staff. He has a great time when he’s there and practically runs through the door to go and greet his friends. It is the only place I trust to board him when my family and I take trips away. I would highly recommend Petopia to anyone who is looking for a place they can trust to leave their beloved fur babies when they can’t be around to look after them themselves. The staff is amazing and truly love the animals we trust in their care.



I can’t say enough about Petopia.  We have been leaving our dogs there for many years.  We travel quite a bit, and it does my heart good to know they are in Petopia’s care.  They come home exhausted from all the exercise they get.  My favourite part is the webcam, where I can watch the dogs running and playing and having a blast.  I have to tear myself away from watching so I can actually do some sight seeing!  I wouldn’t dream of leaving our dogs anywhere else.



Petopia, or as we call it in my family, ‘The Puppy Hotel’, has cared for all of our dogs over the years. The staff are always friendly and very helpful and no matter what need we have, Pat is there to accommodate.

Our last dog, Cassie, had some medical issues and once again Petopia was able to accommodate! We never needed to worry about medications being missed or wonder what would happen if there was an emergency – we just knew they would take care of our girl for us, because they treated her like family!

When Petopia moved, we moved with them because we couldn’t imagine another place better for our pups!

Their daycare program is fantastic and when it comes time to “boarding”, when we pull up to the parking lot it is always a bit bittersweet – we hate leaving Mr. Darcy behind, but we know by the happy whimpering and excitement in the car that he will once again have an amazing vacation while we are off having our own.

Their onsite grooming services are also wonderful – Michelle is amazing and Mr. Darcy comes home looking like a million bucks each and every time!

I highly recommend Petopia to anyone who has fur babies of their own!



We have left our two boys, Rex and Chief, with the good folks at Petopia during every vacation we’ve gone on in recent years. They have always come home exhausted and happy, getting more than enough playtime with all the other dogs staying there. We are always relaxed while we’re away, knowing they’re in such capable hands.



We have been bringing our little girl here for years, ever since she was a puppy. Pat and her team deliver customer service that is above the ordinary. They have always been accommodating, courteous and welcoming. When you leave your pet with them you can be assured they will be well cared for, entertained and safe, not to mention completely spoiled:)

If anyone asks me where I leave my dog when we have to travel, I recommend Petopia. We haven ever had a bad experience and our girls comes back healthy & happy(if not worn out from all the playing).

Thanks for everything you do for our little family Petopia Team, you will see us again.



We just wanted to take a moment to thank you and the entire staff at Petopia for providing such a great environment for our two hounds to play in!

The mere mention of the word “Petopia” sets chaos in motion, so it would be an understatement to say that they look forward to each and every visit.

We also appreciate having a safe place to leave the dogs for vacations or business travel. The only down side is, they come home expecting the same kind of activity and attention that only Petopia can provide, I guess that’s why we’ve been clients for 6 years!

Thanks again for all the love and attention you give “The Girls”!



My husband & I have been sending our two Black Labs, Samson & Delilah, to Petopia for Day Care two times per week for many, many years now.  We started when Samson was two years old and Delilah was only 16 weeks old. They are now 10 and 8.

We cannot speak highly enough about Pat and all the wonderful Staff.  Our pups simply adore going and look forward to their personal morning pick up.  While there, not only are they socialized, hanging out with their best doggie friends, but the Staff give them lots of hugs and love and special treatment.  You see, Delilah is completely blind and Samson has only one eye (disabled).

While there, we have the opportunity to watch them play on webcam anytime – always such a relief to know they are having fun and doing well.

When the pups are dropped off back home in the evening after playing all day, they collapse into two black puddles (a tired dog is a good dog) and don’t need to be run again for a few days!  While at Day Care they get great exercise, love & socialization which make for a Happy Family all around (furry babies included).

We would highly recommend Petopia for your Furry Baby too!



We absolutely love Petopia!  We have been taking our goldendoodle, Hayden, there for the past 8 years, ever since he was a puppy and he loves it there.  The staff are very friendly and Pat, the owner is extremely accommodating!  Whenever we go on vacation, we are at ease knowing that our dog is at great place and is enjoying himself.  I highly recommend this place, your dog will absolutely love you for it!  Thanks Pat!



By far the best daycare and boarding in the city!!! I have been bringing my dog to Petopia for almost 7 years now and she absolutely loves it. The staff is top notch and treats my pup like she is one of their own. I have tried many other boarding facilities around the city and none of them give me the level of comfort that Petopia does when I am away – I always know my pup is in good hands.



Our husky Meeka has been a full time puppy member of Petopia for a little over 3 months now (she was 5 months old when we started her). Since my boyfriend and I both work all day, and we have a high energy puppy, we knew that daycare was the best option for us. We got the unlimited package and it’s great for us – it’s about the same price as having a dog walker 5 days a week, but instead your dog gets to play all day!

Meeka is at Petopia 5 days a week and she absolutely loves it! Sometimes we even drop her off for a few hours on the weekends when we need to run errands because we know how much she loves it and it’s better than leaving her at home alone. She gets excited every time we pull up to the parking area, her tail starts wagging like crazy and she can’t wait for me to open the door. The girls that work there are always happy to see her, and you even get a little report card at the end of the day to let you know how your dog was, who she played with, if she took a nap, and what she did all day. They even upload pictures and videos to Facebook quite often of the dogs playing, which is pretty neat. When we pick her up she is always tired and you know what they say – A tired dog is a happy dog!

We also recently boarded Meeka at Petopia for the first time. it was an easy choice to make since it’s her second home. We went away and left her for 4 nights and had absolutely no issues. It was pretty last minute that we arranged the boarding but Pat (the owner) was very accommodating. I also called to check in while we were away and they were totally reassuring and happy to hear from me.

Overall, we were a little worried at first to leave our little baby somewhere new, but it was honestly the best choice we could have made for her. She loves it and she gets the socialization, exercise, and stimulation that she needs. The people that work there are caring and you can tell they all truly love dogs! We are so happy to have found Petopia! 🙂



Wallace has been going to Petopia for years, he gets so excited on the days he goes to daycare to hang out with his furry buddies. The staff is unbelievable and treat him like their own. I’m pretty sure he’s rather be at Petopia than at home!



Tobey has been a guest at Petopia many times over her whole life span and she keeps begging to go back! The Staff is exceptional with catering to Tobey’s special requirements, and their knowledge and friendly service is unparalleled.

The facilities are excellent for catering to a large number of dogs simultaneously, and the atmosphere is such that who would to come home!!!

I highly recommend Petopia for any short-to-longer term stay for your loved furry one. Not only will they be able to care and love for your cherished pet, they go that next step beyond and make their stay filled with fun, play and companionship and help put Owner’s mind at ease that their beloved ‘children’ are in the best hands. I wish I had this kind of fun on my vacations




Pat and her team are the best! Storm has been a regular at Petopia since 2008. He has lots of puppy pals and comes home exhausted. And the shuttle makes Storm’s visits so convenient! I know that when I send Storm off for a day at doggy daycare that he is in the best possible hands with Pat and her team. And I’m pretty sure he gets lots of belly rubs too!



We have 2 dogs who have been going to Petopia for day care and longer stays for at least 5 years now. One of our dogs was very timid with people when he first went. The staff is very good; the facilities are fine and now our dogs are so excited when we go there that they can’t wait to get out of the car and inside Petropia.



We’ve been bringing Sidney to Petopia for several years. She loves spending time with the staff as much as the other dogs! The play area is large and well maintained, the staff are absolutely wonderful and Sidney is so well taken care of. We’ve recently used the grooming services as well and were very pleased. I highly recommend Petopia.



Hi everyone! We have been taking our dog to Petopia over the past 8 years now! Why?! Cause we love the care that he gets and it gives us peace of mind when traveling to know he is great! I love my boy, Jack! …it’s important that the right people are taking care of him! Thanks Petopia- YOU ROCK!!! :))))



My dog has been attending Petopia since he was a puppy. First attending the puppy playgroups (an amazing way to socialize your puppy in a safe environment) and then attending daycare through the week. My dog loves Petopia, and gets excited as soon as we turn into Crockford.



I have a “spirited” and anxious rescued lab cross who has escaped at two (!!!) other local daycare facilities. One time I was driving away and met my dog at the front of my car off the side of Warden Ave at rush hour. I do not have any worries about my girl escaping at Petopia! Their facilities are iron-clad with heavy doors and tall fences so worry not if you have a horse-dog like I do.


Pat is amazing. You can tell right away she is an excellent canine behaviouralist and she put my pooch at ease. She always makes time for clients, whether by phone or email, and she understands you’re placing a lot of trust in her. I believe her and her team work hard to earn this trust and deserve it. I’m always scared that another dog will attack mine because she doesn’t have a tendency to defend herself but I believe the staff here are good at figuring out which dogs should play with each other and separating those that need separating. I see sometimes on webcam that dogs are separated in different areas outside but they’re never alone – they’re just matched in groups with similarly-tempered dogs.

The facilities are huge and comfortable. The boarding rooms overnight have beds and couches. I have quite honestly stayed in hostels that were far lower quality! The main gym area is large and open and the outdoor areas are divided for dogs to play freely with toys.

Doggy receives a report card each day. While not necessary, this is cute and shows a personal touch. Even though the daycare is busy, your dog had personal attention and you can keep track of changes in play and behaviour.

The unlimited package is well-priced compared to other dog daycare centers. I had some sticker shock at first but now I am SO happy to pay this to know my dog is stimulated and socialized while I am gone over 10 hours a day. Her care is my priority and Petopia delivers.

Being able to check in on webcam is really nice, too.


NONE. I honestly can’t think of any. Hours are amazing, staff are great.

I’ve recommended friends and colleagues to come check this facility out and recommend you do, too!



Buster is always excited to stay at Petopia. Every time we drop him off he can barely keep himself in check before being released to go play with his friends. Buster has been a boarding guest for every family vacation and ome renovation and it is a relief to know he is safe, well taken care of and having a blast! Thank you Pat & team @ Petopia



Sassy my little (black pug) diva has been going to Petopia since she was 6 months old, she is now 10. She absolutely love the staff, play areas, and when we have to board her, she loved the beds & flat screen TV’s. Sassy has so many friends that she has been with for over 10 years. When my husband was dying, the staff at Petopia made sure that Sassy was comforted and made to feel special. The staff go above and beyond to help pets & owners anyway they possibly can. I have recommended Petopia over the years to different people in my condo and also to clients of mine. I know quite a few send their dogs to Petopia on a regular basis. Petopia is part of my family, I suggest you check it out, to make them part of yours.



We have been bringing Jaeger to Petopia since 2007 and Dutch since earlier this year. They both love it and can’t wait to get back inside. We can’t even tell Jaeger he’s going the night before or he won’t let us sleep. We used the daycare service until we moved to Newmarket and still come back for boarding.



We love Petopia, and our dog Quinn loves it even more! Quinn has been going twice a week to Doggy daycare and absolutely loves it. He knows when his days are and waits excitedly by the front door until it is time to go! The staff are wonderful and caring and always go the extra mile to make sure the dogs and the parents are happy. Quinn also stays with Petopia when we travel and as soon as he sees his bags being packed, he knows where he is going and starts his happy dance! I highly recommend Petopia to anyone with a dog looking for quality care.



For the past 3 years our family has been trusting Petopia with the care of our baby, Marlo. It’s always hard when we go away  and are unable to bring Marlo with us but Petopia has made this transition much easier as we are able to relax knowing that Marlo is in such good hands. We’ve used Petopia for overnight stays as well as many extended stays of a week or longer and Marlo is always returned to us happy and revitalized. We couldn’t live without them! Thanks and much love to all of the staff for treating Marlo like their own!



I’ve been using Petopia for just over a year now. My dogs come home happy, tired and it makes for a nice evening in the house. Exposing my energetic Portuguese water dog to the Petopia “pack” has made him a very well behaved socialized dog. Thank you!



If you are looking for a place where your ‘baby’ will be cared for, understood, loved, excercised and kept safe — then look no further.

I have a 7 1/2 year old border collie who is as active and as crazy as the best of them.  We all worry about our pets when we leave them at home for the day–we come home to a bored pet after a long day at work who needs and deserves to get outside to be walked and played with.  I hated the guilt I felt leaving my Faith at home all day — then felt even worse on those days when I just didn’t have the energy to give her what she deserved at the end of my day.

I have been taking Faith to Petopia for almost 3 years now; she comes home absolutely exhausted!  I feel good knowing that she is cared for; that the staff know her and understand her ‘quirks’ and that she is safe.

I have ‘never’ left my baby overnight before until a month ago a family wedding out-of-town necessitated that I ‘think’ through some of my options.  I decided that I needed to bite the bullet and let Faith stay overnight at Petopia realizing that it would be less stressful for her there than staying alone in a ‘pet friendly’ hotel room.  Well … she survived 🙂  She came home happy!  And more importantly — I survived 😉

I can’t imagine not having Petopia and am so thankful they are here for me!



Our young dog Zoe (3 years 8 months years) has been going to daycare at Petopia since she was six months old. Availing ourselves of the daily aspect of Petopia via their daycare services we have found the facility convenient, professional, consistent and specifically tailored to our dog’s needs. They treat our dog very well and always have her best interests and all the other dogs best interests in mind to ensure the best and proper experience is enjoyed!!



This place is great my Boston and Shih Tzu love it they always come back home happy. The people who work here really know dogs and it shows the dogs are very well taken care off and we cannot get through the doors fast enough when we drop them off. They are very quick  to answer emails from worried dog parents!



Our pups are charter members of Petopia. Been going there since 2006. They have a blast with their friends and Lucca even has a girlfriend! No hanky panky though! We wouldn’t even consider anywhere else.



For the past 10 years, our dog Goldy has boarded happily with Petopia. Each trip begins with delivering an ecstatic dog to Petopia. She greets the confident staff warmly and doesn’t look back. On our return, we have a healthy, fit, contented, well cared for dog who has played and run hard with her Petopia friends during our absence. We have complete peace of mind when we travel, knowing Goldy is having as much fun as we are!



Hi, my name is Lola, the 5 years old English Springer Spaniel and Maia is my twin sister.

We want to tell everybody how much we enjoy spending time at Petopia. We go there for overnight stays, at least twice a year when our parents travel, it’s been 4 years now. Our most recent stay was in September 2015 for 10 nights, our longest. Our mama was nervous about it but we did just fine, I even got a new boyfriend! We were very excited to go back to Petopia, reconnect with our old friends, make new ones, have fun and be entertained.

Our mama looked long and hard before choosing Petopia as our home away from home. She wanted the peace of mind that we will be loved and well taken care as much as she does and let me tell you she absolutely adores us.

Petopia scored the highest in all the aspects she was looking for, so she told us; spacious and completely safe outdoor playground as we like to be out a lot playing and having fun; entertaining indoor playrooms with lots of toys and fun activities to keep us busy; clean, cozy and cage free bedrooms and the best of all the warm, friendly, knowledgeable, professional and super loving Pat, Wilson and their entire team of animal lovers. A couple of things that our mama likes in particular are the webcam, so she can see for herself how well we are doing and the emails reports she receives so she knows whether we were good and well behaved.

We are always excited to go to Petopia and reconnect with our human and furry friends, our stay there is stress free, full of fun and entertainment and we go home happy but exhausted. As our mama says, a happy and tired dog is a good dog and we are 2 so double the good.

A warm cuddly hug to everyone and see you again in February!!



We have been using Petopia’s Doggy Daycare for many years now and Harley always loves going to see the great staff and his dog buddies there. They always take great care of him and he always comes home nice and tired.



We’ve been taking Shion to Petopia for years. Each time we go to daycare our normally hyper Boston Terrier gets even more hyper and happy as we approach the doors, so you can tell that she really enjoys being at Petopia. She loves the staff and the staff loves her back equally in return. We appreciate the fact that there’s plenty of indoor and outdoor spaces for the dogs to play in. As for boarding, Shion has always been treated well and the staff is very accommodating with any reasonable request during her stay. We feel at ease knowing she is being taken care of and loved. Whether in daycare or boarding, Petopia has always been there for us.



Our energetic beagle comes home happy and tired after a day at Petopia… and a tired Gunner is a well-behaved Gunner! Gunner is a regular at daycare and Petopia is his vacation from home! Petopia takes good care of him.



Both my dogs, Fischer and Brings attend Petopia on a daily basis. It is a gold mine. I just mention the word daycare and they both stand at the front door waiting to go. The staff are fantastic. The whole service is absolutely perfect. I have no idea what I would do without Petopia. I recently got a rescue from Georgia and I thought it would take awhile before he could go to daycare. Pat had him settled in within two visits. I can’t say enough about this great service. The staff are kind, caring and knowledgeable. I just love the place as my dogs do. Thank you Petopia!!



We’ve been bringing our dog here for 5 years, ever since she was a puppy. We did obedience classes & puppy playgroups. I can’t say enough good things about the training and especially the playgroups. It’s a great idea & a fantastic way to socialize your puppy in a safe environment. Plus, the cuteness is beyond words! I recommend the playgroups to every new puppy owner I meet. We also board Brynja at Petopia a few times a year, for stays of 1 night to 2 weeks. She’s always been happy & excited to be there & clean & healthy when we pick her up. The people at Petopia are super friendly & knowledgeable. I highly recommend this company.



Our dog, Lucky has been going to Petopia for over 10 years. Friends and family members often offer to look after Lucky when we go away but we chose to have him stay at Petopia. The cage free environment is great.

With Petopia we have peace of mind: we know Lucky is in a safe place. We like the fact that he can spend time with other dogs and live in a pack for a few days. When we pick him up we notice a real change in his behaviour. He is more relaxed and more obedient. He seems to love it there. We really like Petopia’s policy only taking dogs that have their shots up to date. We don’t have to worry about Lucky getting sick.

I highly recommend Petopia for your dog’s day or overnight stay.



Tucker has been going to Petopia since we got him in February 2013. Petopia is a big part of his life and the staff go the extra mile. They were able to have him in a quiet area after he was neutered so he could get out of the house and when he had a broken rib they were able to help out by keeping an eye on him and giving him his pain medication when required. Since I work full time and was not able to be home with an injured pup Petopia was able to provide the additional care which was a great relief!

Every Tuesday and Thursday Tucker stares at the door and jumps up when he hears the elevator on our floor. He know his friends are coming. He goes crazy with excitement for every person that has picked him up. This excited and happy reaction confirms he has an awesome time and that he is treated well.

As well as using their daycare services regularly I have also used their boarding services which have also been fantastic. He comes home well cared for, happy and exhausted!

An extra added bonus is that Pat takes awesome pictures of the dogs and posts them. My favourite pictures of Tucker have been ones taken at Petopia, he always has a huge smile!

I would recommend Petopia without hesitation!



I have used Petopia since my chocolate Lab was 7 weeks old. The puppy play groups, daycare and boarding have all been top notch! Molly loves her time at Petopia because there is always many doggie and humans friends to play with. She gets spoiled with love by the staff and is always eager for a return visit. I would highly recommend Petopia for the amazing staff, quality of care and their consistent treating of Molly like she was their own. I never worry when Molly is at Petopia!



My dog Fenwick loves Petopia. He is so excited when we arrive at the door and cannot wait to get inside and meet all his friends to play. Whenever we need to be away for the day it’s nice to know that I can just drop off Fenwick, no appointment needed, and he will be ok and have a great day at Petopia!



Riley has become a regular at Petopia over the past year. She’s a two year old, long legged bundle of energy who just doesn’t have an off switch. Every morning she sits by the front door howling in the hope that this is camp day. Once she’s in the car and on the way she’s a tail wagging machine. She starts checking out the parking lot for her posse of furry friends before she even gets out of the car. Whenever she comes through the front door she’s always greeted by name and an enthusiastic scruff around the neck. Pat and her staff are absolutely fabulous, always happy to see their furry clients and their parents. Riley absolutely loves her days at camp and has made many friends. It has made an incredible difference in her confidence level with other dogs and has minimized her desire to eat her way through our home!!! If you’re looking for a place that you can trust with your precious pup then Petopia is the place for you.



Nice clean large indoor space for dogs, attentive staff, large outdoor area fully enclosed by a fence.  Smaller dog rooms available as well.  My big guy has stayed here from time to time.  Pat has experience with all sizes for dogs from the tiny to the huge.  Your dog(s) will be in good hands here.



My boy Reece loves his time at Petopia. When I pick him up at the end of the day I have a happy and very tired dog. What more can I ask for? Thank you!



We have brought our dog Amber to Petopia numerous times. She always comes back healthy and happy. Even more reassuring, she never hesitates to go with the staff when we drop her off. That behaviour, more than anything, lets us know how well she is treated.



Petopia is a clean, well organized and caring environment for our corgi.  We leave our dog with Pat and her team with piece of mind that our dog will be well cared for.  Petopia ensures that the pets have their vaccines with each stay, meals according to our instructions and will wash our dog before coming home.  The centre has good hours for early drop offs and late pickups.  Petopia is my choice for dog care with a personal touch!



We’ve taken our rambunctious lab her several times for overnight stays since she was a year old and have been very happy with the service and care we and our dog have received. The staff have been wonderful with reinforcing positive behaviours and offering helpful advise for our continued training efforts. The property is large for Toronto, giving the dogs lots of room to play. We also really appreciate being able to check on our dog via webcam, its reassuring to be able to live check-in no matter where we are. Would highly recommend Petopia to others.



Every time we go away on vacation…our dog goes on vacation. He thoroughly enjoys himself at Petopia and we don’t have to think twice about his care. P



Petopia is great.  Our dogs have been boarding there for 9 years. They are well looked after and always happy to go there. I would definitely recommend Petopia.



We have been using Petopia’s daycare and overnight boarding services for four years and are very satisfied. The owner and her staff are great and genuinely care for the dogs. And our dogs love going! I highly recommend their services.