Petopia, in partnership with Puppy People, offers dog training that emphasizes a positive approach. All the instructors are highly trained and knowledgeable about positive training techniques and problem solving. Based on solid knowledge of animal behaviour and training theory, our programs are motivational, effective and fun! Our instructors have traveled world-wide to learn from the best animal behaviorists and trainers. They are dedicated to helping you build a wonderful relationship with your dog.

We offer classes for dogs of all ages from Puppy Manners up to Advanced and Off-Lead programs. Furthermore, our expert Behavioural Consultations and private lessons can help you solve any type of dog problem. The following are classes currently offered at Petopia. For more information on additional programs – please visit


Give your pup the “best start” with our 4 week program Puppy Manners & Socialization. This program is designed to socialize, teach puppy level commands and turn puppy habits into desirable behaviours. During this “optimum learning period” establishing good habits will never be easier. Each week the course will cover a combination of puppy level commands, off lead play time and informative lectures combined with Q & A sessions. Commands include; sit, down, stand, getting attention, come when called, walking on lead, sitting for greetings, and leave it.

Level 1 alone is designed to address puppy issues and is not a full obedience course. It does give you an excellent “head start” to build the skills needed to master the full range of obedience commands taught in level 2 (intermediate). We do recommend taking Level 1 first followed by Level 2 (intermediate).
There is a $25.00 discount for registering in Level 1 and 2 at the same time.


PRE-REQUISITE: for pups up to 4 1/2 months old


6 week Dog Manners and Obedience program will build on the foundation skills you have established in the Puppy Manners course. A more advanced version of our Dog Manners and Obedience course, this program is especially designed for puppy graduates. In this challenging program your dog will learn to perform all the basic commands well in the park, at home and on walks. We will show you how to develop greater “command control” with our unique “proofing” and distraction exercises designed to keep your dog’s attention focused on you. The commands covered in the six week intermediate program include: heeling and walking on lead, come when called, sit for all greetings, long sit, and down stays, stay on mat, leave it on command. Weekly lectures and Q & A sessions will address your concerns and also cover: resolving attention getting and testing behaviours, mouthing/nipping and curb jumping up.

Note: No vet form required for this level but the class policy which is still in effect will be sent to each student. This class is limited to 8 dogs per session with two instructors.

for graduates of LEVEL 1 only


Our 6 week Dog Manners and Obedience beginner program is for dogs that have had little or no training. Learn how to communicate effectively with your dog and eliminate a host of bad habits and attention getting behaviours. We will show you how to establish good manners and teach you all the practical, every-day important commands. Learn how to increase your dog’s attention, as well as other effective and positive solutions to eliminate JUMPING UP, OVER EXCITED BEHAVIOUR, MOUTHING, PULLING ON LEAD, AND EXCESSIVE BARKING.

The commands covered include: walking on a loose lead, come when called, sit for greetings, sit and down stay, go to mat and leave it. Weekly lectures will provide useful tips on how to solve problems like stealing items/food, preventing possessive behaviour, reducing attention getting behaviours and other effective management techniques. We can help you establish good behaviours that will last a lifetime.

for dogs over 4 1/2 months old

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