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Our babies

Chloe was rescued from a shelter 8 years ago. She proved to be a wonderful companion throughout the years. Chloe’s favourite pastimes, like most cats, are sleeping, purring and rubbing up against you. She has mastered the art of demanding food whenever she feels like it and sneaking into places she shouldn’t be. She is also fully toilet trained but we are having some trouble teaching her to flush.

Evee, our miniature schnauzer, is the sweetest and most lovable dog there is – but I’m sure that is how everyone sees their own dog. At age 5, she is still a big puppy and has the energy and nature to prove it. There are three things that Evee loves; food, everyone she meets, and did I mention, treats!!

Kirby, just like how the name sounds, is one silly goofball. With his fluffy white coat and cute expression, Kirby is often mistaken for a female Coton de Tulear. At age 4 1/2, he’s grown accustomed to the constant attention and petting he receives from everyone. Kirby’s favourite things include tummy rubs, a good game of fetch and wrestling with his big sister, Evee.

And the there’s Kira – our 2 year old Great Dane. She loves to play with all dogs, especially small ones. Kira is a quick learner and is really food motivated so we’ve been starting on her tricks training and will eventually put her through some agility classes at Petopia. Kira is a real sweetie and loves to cuddle up with her older sister and brother.

Mochi, a 2 1/2 year old Great Dane we rescued from Great Dane Rescue Inc., is one of the sweetest and good natured doggies I have ever met and we’re absolutely in love with her. Kira was estatic to have a sister her own size and they became instant buddies. Mochi loves to lean on you to show affection and is a real lap dog (she will actually sit in your lap!!). We are so happy to have found Mochi – she is the perfect addition to our family!!

Lucius was actually meant to be our first Great Dane foster from Great Dane Rescue Inc. (where we adopted Mochi). But it did not take long for us to fall in love with the big guy, and we decided we just couldn’t part with him. Lucius is a speical needs white Great Dane as he is deaf and partially vision impaired. He can be shy at first when meeting new people but is such a big suck once he gets to know you. Don’t be fooled though, Lucius can be a real crazy monkey when he gets going during play time with his buddies.

Last but not least, our newest addition is Tristen, our 8 month old Great Dane pup (yup, we obviously addicted to Danes). He definitely keeps his siblings on their toes and loves to get them worked up in a game of chase or tug. Tristen got his Canine Good Neighbour designation at 7 months and we have high hopes for him in the show, obedience, rally-o and agility rings. He enjoys working and it has been fun learning new doggie sports with this little guy.

How Petopia came into existence

Inspired by their fur babies, Chloe, Evee, Kirby, Mochi, Lucius, Kira and Tristen, Pat and her partner established Petopia to provide a service that was dedicated to the health and well-being of pets.

After years of working in the corporate world, they felt the same guilt shared by other responsible pet guardians who also left their pets alone when they had to work or travel. They discovered a growing number of pet care services but few provided the quality of care their pets were accustomed to. With the urge to pursue something more personally fulfilling, Pat and Wilson decided to apply their knowledge, experience, and passion for animals to create a complete solution for pet parents; one that offers peace of mind from knowing that their four-legged companions are blissfully content and safe. They created Petopia to offer you and your pets an experience that not only promotes your pet’s well-being, but also enriches the bond you share with them.

PETOPIA SHUTTLE SERVICE!! – Temporarily Unavailable

We are now offering door-to-door shuttle service for our doggie daycare guests. Pick ups and drop offs for doggies attending daycare more than 2x a week!  Convenience for pet parents and fun and exercise for your fur babies!! What more could you ask for?! Email or call for more details and to see if we service your area. 


Let your fur baby play all day, all week at Petopia for only $580 a month – that’s only $19 a day!! You won’t find anything else more affordable.  Try it out and we guarantee your doggie will have a blast and make plenty of new friends.  Hope to see you and your pooch soon at Petopia!!

News to Wag About

NEWS FLASH! Petopia is moving to a brand new facility at 107 Crockford Blvd on Nov 25th! We have lots of Grand Opening promos. Come check us out at our new digs!

NEWS FLASH! Petopia is moving to a brand new facility at 107 Crockford Blvd on Nov 25th! We have lots of Grand Opening promos. Come check us out at our new digs!

NEWS FLASH! Petopia is moving to a brand new facility at 107 Crockford Blvd on Nov 25th! We have lots of Grand Opening promos. Come check us out at our new digs!

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Why Choose Petopia

  1. Peace of Mind
  2. Experienced and constant educational development
  3. Safety
  4. Convenience and availability
  5. Reasonable and competitive rates
  6. Customized Services
  7. Professionalism
  8. Constant Communication
  9. Extra Attention
  10. Genuine Love for Animals

Petopia Facility Highlights

  • Premium artificial grass in our outdoor play area (no bugs & no mess)!
  • Rubber flooring throughout indoor play areas!
  • One of the largest indoor/outdoor facilities in the GTA with 15,000 sq ft play area!
  • 10 spacious and comfy suites for our canine guests!
  • different play areas for large and small dogs & puppies!
  • Interactive and fun toys and games to keep your fur babies active and stimulated!
  • All new shuttle service to pick up and drop off your pooches for daycare!
  • Webcam access to watch your doggies have a fun with their buddies!